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Our Services

We provide engineering solutions across a range of industries:

  • Open Cut and Underground Mining, Rail, Underground Tunnelling, Civil and General Engineering
  • Manufacturing, Fabrication, Machining and Overhaul of Mechanical and Electrical equipment
  • Backed by a Quality Management System and Accreditations


Complete open cut mining equipment servicing.

Mobile mining equipment overhauls and repairs including drills, dozers, graders / blades, water carts and haul trucks.

Mining component overhauls including final drives, transmissions, front wheel groups, rims, air tanks, accumulators and brake components.

Underground mining overhauls and servicing.

Tunnelling & Infrastructure

Tunnelling & Infrastructure

Full overhaul and repair of tunnelling roadheaders including associated electrical repair and maintenance.

Complete tunnelling component overhauls.

Complete civil equipment overhaul and repairs including excavators, loaders, dump trucks and dozers.

Supply of a range of tunnelling parts.



Rail component overhauls.

Hydraulic cylinder

Re-bushing wagon yokes.

Wagon axel refurbishment.

Under carriage refurbishment.

Wagon bogies.

Machining expertise to manufacture new parts and reclaim worn components.



Expertise across diverse industrial manufacturing needs including:

Specialised fabrication services.

Manufacturing and warehousing of spare parts.

Complete engineering services.

Machining expertise for new parts and reclaiming worn components.