Our Services

We provide engineering solutions across a range of industries:

  • Onsite maintenance and urgent breakdown repairs
  • Machining expertise to manufacture new parts and reclaim worn components
  • Supply of engineered solutions to address reliability challenges


Manufacture and overhaul of mining equipment components, engineering, drafting and modifications including supporting certification.

Certified overhaul workshop for electrical flameproof and certified underground diesel equipment.

Manufacturing, repair and fabrication services for excavator buckets, booms, and large industrial components.

Transport & Infrastructure

Transport & Infrastructure

Support for critical transport projects.

Tunnelling equipment overhauls.

Engineering solutions and support for marine projects.

Onsite and workshop support for power stations.



Rail component overhauls.

Machining and fabrication for leading passenger and freight transport operators and associated service providers.

Heritage rail restoration.



Expertise across diverse industrial manufacturing needs including:

Food processing

Tile manufacturing


Large-scale academic research projects